Part fanfic, part roleplay, and part tabletop game, LARP is as much a game to be played as it is a performance to be had, where every attendee and every player chooses their favorite character and plays as them so long as you’re in our room. Show off your writing chops and your deep knowledge of fandom lore, by interacting with other characters from vast and diverse settings, and dealing with the tense and complex plots lovingly handcrafted by our GMs.

There is no limit to who you can play. Pick your favorite character from anime, T.V. shows, western cartoons, comic books, video games, audio dramas, or film. Even repeats are allowed, as long as they come from different iterations of the same canon. As the plot develops, take your characters down pathways they would’ve never been able to access in their own setting. Walk-in character requests are welcome any time Friday or Saturday, but your choice of character will be limited by 4:00 PM Saturday.

Guarantee you can roleplay your cosplay. Only with pre-registration can we ensure we thoroughly prepare your fictional character of choice for the event. Let us know if you’re going to cosplay your character so we can do our best to guarantee its presence at the event! If you pre-register, our staff will not only have your character sheets ready before any and all events begin, but we will research your character to best fit them into the year’s setting.

If you’re interested in Pre-registering your character, please submit your characters, in sets of 3, ordered from most preferred to least preferred, to

An Easy System, with no Pressure or Commitment

Our system allows for easy pick-up-and-play mechanics and there is no time investment requirement on your part to come in and play with other attendees – while we have regular events, attendance to any one or more of them is by no means necessary, and whether you can put in ten minutes or ten hours, you will always be welcome to the experience, especially if it’s your first time playing.

This Year, at Anime USA LARP…

They say nature abhors a vacuum. It appears magic is quite similar. The Grimoire has found reality wanting, and it has reached to inscrutable, unstable portions of other dimensions to stabilize itself. It has dragged the unwilling and unaware to its own realm, solely for the purpose of retaining a world of its own to manifest.

It appears without a guide, such powerful magic suffers from a sterility of creativity. It cannot innovate. It cannot iterate. It can only copy. It can only steal. Its landscapes have been warped, dotted with echoes of the worlds of its victims.

And its native inhabitants, whether human or moogle alike, seem all the more unawares that their surroundings have changed…



Policy Rules

The Policy rules written here are for attendees to the LARP, and apply to real life, not to your characters. No one wants to end up hurt, offended, or otherwise uncomfortable as a result of an unwanted real interaction. These rules are here to ensure that does not happen.

No Physical Contact: Regardless of how comfortable we feel with one another, you are not to physically touch anyone unless they give you permission to do so. They have the right to take that permission back at any time. Consent is Key

No Stunts: What your character does happens solely in the context of the roleplay itself. Obviously, you are allowed to copy the mannerisms and general behavior of your character, but you are not your character and probably couldn’t survive the stunts that they could. There’s a reason more than half of the stat descriptions are listed as entirely beyond the realm of what an average person could do, and sadly, all of us in real life are just that. Average.

Keep it Socially Acceptable: The LARP itself is open to players of any age, but keep in mind that young and mature players come to the game expecting a certain degree of maturity. We try to avoid any kind of language or in-character behavior that would be offensive to others, unless they’ve consented to you playing your character in a base and immature manner. Regardless, we would prefer no vulgar language, or sexual references or content. Use discretion while playing the game, especially with younger players and those who were brought or are escorted by their parents. This may be their first convention, and all of us as fellow attendees need to make a good impression.

We will absolutely not tolerate any kind of hate speech, sexual harassment, racial insensitivity, or otherwise unacceptable or marginalizing behavior against any of the players, for any reason. We reserve the right to correct you on this behavior or otherwise ask you to leave should you refuse to curb your behavior. In the same vein, we encourage you correct any GM’s who do the same.

The GM’s Word is Law: The Game Masters that keep the game running smoothly are the ultimate ruling on any in-game or in-character issue. If a GM has concluded something and you could not quickly convince them otherwise, there is no other recourse. You may choose to appeal to other GM’s if you believe your concern is legitimate, narratively meaningful, and will be of benefit not just to yourself but to attendees and policy as a whole.