Welcome all Idol lovers to Idol*USA 2023! After a 4 year hiatus, our team is thrilled to bring back our showcase of talented idol groups, who are ready to bring their music and energy to each and every one of you!

Perfect Trio Project

With members Yo-Yo, Grey, and Loo-Lay, Perfect Trio Project is an eight time major award-winning cosplay group known for their dedication to anime and dance. They have been cosplaying and dancing together since 2016 and have honed their skills through passion and the sheer love of doing it.


Have you heard of CELESTIA? An experience unlike any other, bringing together original music alongside your favorite songs. Listen close and don’t look away, with Tama as your guide, there’s no chance to be led astray. Welcome yourself to CELESTIA’s stage!


Sparkle Sekai

We are Sparkle sekai! We are a beginner idol group with 6 members. For our first performance ever, we will be performing a “Nightcord at 25:00” show from the game Hatsune Miku colorful stage!


Tadaima Knights! We are μnite! (pronounced Mew-Knight), a Love Live! School Idol Project and Festival cover troupe! 

μnite! has produced dance covers and performed as characters from the Love Live! series since 2015.  They have performed over two dozen lives and special events at conventions on the east and west coast.  μnite! is excited to be returning to Anime USA, their home con, for 2023!  Please cheer on all of the members on their various adventures; Ai-Chan, Kiki, Mango, Mika, Nye, SaChan, Sakura, and Tsuki!

Dead Idol Club








Sara Wittenzellner

“I’m actually an angel! I’ll grow wings one day and return to the sky.” – Tsushima Yoshiko, Love Live! Sunshine!!
We would like to dedicate IDOL*USA 2023 to the memory of Sara Wittenzellner, known to many of you as Nao from Danzoo Dash. Sara passed away on July 2nd after a hard-fought battle with cancer.
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sara for AUSA’s first Showcase in 2017, as she was simultaneously working to build the Starlight Idol Festival at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Since she already had experience performing with DZD, I was able to benefit from her perspective in order to ensure the success of our event, and her performance on our stage demonstrated all of the best parts of idol culture. Her kindness, energy and love of performing will be keenly missed by everyone in our community.
Adam Hennessy – Vice-chairman, Anime USA 2023