Joleen aka Chaos Claire has been a long time anime fan/video game lover and an avid cosplayers in the convention circuit for 17 years. She was taught to sew from a very young age and honed her skills through her love of cosplay.

She met her husband while attending a convention together, they decided to start cosplaying as character pairings they loved from various anime, video games, comics and movies. Some of their award winning cosplays are, Astrid and Hiccup from How to train your dragon, Ochako and Deku from My hero academia, Hinoa and Barioth hunter from Monster hunter along with a plethora of other character pairings they’ve done.

The cosplay duo also has a great passion to give back not only to the cosplay community, but to charities as well. They have volunteered at a few hospitals as characters to spread joy to children and staff. Within their career, they have been invited as guests and cosplay judges at some of their favorite conventions. They love doing panels and helping new or even seasoned cosplayers improve their skills with their “out of the box” type of thinking.