Amelia Gotham began her acting career at the age of 16 in Lake Tahoe, where she auditioned and won a small part in Midsummer Nights Dream at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. She quickly rose through the ranks and became the youngest Director at the Brewery Art Center in Carson City, NV. Seeking further training, she attended the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, studying various aspects of the stage arts that included, dance, voice techniques and singing, history of theater and a deep dive into the stage classics of Shakespeare, Voltaire and George Bernard Shaw among others.

Relocating to Los Angeles after graduation, Amelia hit the Indie film scene and continued her stage acting with Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater and The Visceral Company. She and her co-star, Nich Kauffman received recognition winning the Best Two Person Performance award in 2011 for their role in “Turn of the Screw.” From LA Weekly.

Alongside stage work, she ventured into voiceover acting, earning credits in popular video games such as the Zelda series, Steel Battalion, and Final Fantasy. Amelia has also contributed to French film dubbing and narrated novels, showcasing her versatility across different artistic mediums.

Amelia returns to the stage this winter in Amit Itelman‘s new work entitled “Bride of Blood” in North Hollywood and continues to seek out challenging and exciting creative projects.