FullRock is the combined duo of DJ, producer, illustrator, Aarock Artz (DJ AAROCK) and microphone master, Full Control (Fulcon). As fans of each other’s longtime solo endeavors the two artists come together to further explore and expand their musical and performance capabilities. With Aarock’s original jazz infused percussion driven production and Fulcon’s melodic MC flow, the two present a sound they describe as “boom bap beats with a lofi vibe”.

As fans of Sci-Fi, comics, gaming, Asian pop entertainment, nerdcore as well as a deep love of hip hop music and culture, the duo brings these together on stage with a show that has been described as clever, energetic and true to the roots of hip hop. This is especially expressed with their first single “Ronin Sunset” featuring Japanese singer Sierra Kyoko, where Fullrock finds themselves fighting a battle to maintain creativity against the current trend of carbon copy style music. They practice what they preach as they present their debut album “Listen Up” that maintains their distinctive creative sound throughout. With Aarock’s sonically astute production and Full Control’s versatile yet intelligible lyrics, FullRock is sure to give their listeners a divergent and energetic fresh twist on the hip-hop genre.